First of all we like to thank you for showing interest in Talian – theme which has enormous possibilities. We are proud to release this theme way back in July, 2007 and it has attracted over 40,000 downloads by the community.

Since then, the wordpress platform has been changed a lot, but Talian continued to meet the requirements of bloggers and to keep this theme working in future, we have decided to update the theme and fixed several issues related to Talian.

Talian theme is designed and developed by VA Business Services a business venture of Steve Arun who is an experienced Internet Marketing Consultant worked with top notch companies in USA including AT & T development partners. VA Business Services offers affordable blog design, blog maintenance and blog marketing services.

This theme is an SEO friendly layout and comes with many options which reduce the use of plugins. How ever we have tested many popular plugins with this theme and soon we will post the release notes about available list of plugins which are compatible with talian.

Please play around with talian and let us know your views and comments. This will help us to upgrade in our future release.