You might wish to change the dummy banner with your own graphics. This is one of the most easy task to do. It’s fun playing your talian and most of the bloggers do tons of experiments with their blog. This is why blogs are popular.

You can change, re-size or remove the banner entirely, also you can add your adsense code or add any banner of your sponsor. If you wish, I can help you doing that for free and if needed get you a high quality custom banner for a small price of $10 only. Learn below on how to modify the talian banner:

1. Most Easy Option:

  1. Rename your banner as “talian-blue.jpg” or “talian-green.jpg” or “talian-red.jpg”.
  2. If you are using blue theme, go to wp-content >> Themes >> Talian-red >> image folder and replace the image named talian-blue.jpg.

2. If you are comfortable with CSS

  1. Open the style.css and locate class name “put-image-here”
  2. Rename the banner with your own banner’s name
  3. Change the height, but keep the width as it is as it will create problem with alignments
  4. Upload your banner into theme image folder and it’s done

3. Adding your adsense or HTMl banner codes in place of default talian banner

  1. Open the style.css and locate class name “put-image-here”
  2. Delete the following 2 lines and save:

background-image: url(images/talian-blue.jpg);
background-repeat: no-repeat;

  1. Now open the “index.php”, “page.php”, and “single.php” with notepad or wordpad and locate class name “put-image-here”
  2. Add your banner code or adsense javascript in between “div tags” save, upload and you are done.
  3. Any problem, do drop me a line, i will be glad to help you out.