The new talian is now equipped with a unique feature called “Custom Link Page”. This is a solution to bloggers who have pretty large blogroll or those who wish to add descriptions of links in their blogroll. Checkout a custom link page here.

The custom links page works dynamically and capture everything you put in blogroll to display as links, title and descriptions. it will also work as resource page or you can monetize this section by adding custom affiliate links.

It also saves your site look and feel, if you are adding too many descriptions in blogroll. The default sidebars will go down, instead use the custom link page feature to create an extraordinary resource page.

How to create the custom link page?

You need to follow similar steps you have taken to create sitemap and archives page. This time you need to choose “links” from page template and create a blank pages. Every thing from your blogroll will be sourced automatically.

If you need to remove the default blogroll then, you need to edit the left sidebar and comment everything under class called “blogroll”.

Remember this is an optional feature which you can use anytime and delete anytime. :)